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Glass is the modern synonym of superiority. Every urban commercial establishment or a modern house is furnished with glass doors, partitions, shower cubicles, and windows. The maintenance of these glass units is especially tiresome when they are of inferior quality. Core hardware has a complete store full of Glass Architectural Hardware to take care of your Glass Door Fittings.

When searching for a durable product in the market, customers are sure to search for products that prove to be a good value for their money. Core Hardware does the job easier for you with its exhaustive range of glass architectural hardware. Based in Delhi, this organization provides lock, stock, and barrel services for everything that is glass-related. Whether it is a domestic establishment or an office that needs the products, their special experts’ manufacture and install glass products that enliven your rooms.

Since the past 15 years, their work speaks for their customer satisfaction. The most important factor that affects the installation of glass doors is skilled technicians. Glass is a fragile material and any clumsiness in handling it, can cause multiple thousands of losses by breaking one piece of glass. The technicians that Core Hardware sends for the installation process at your place, are trained in-house for months and have an experience of handling glass products for many years. They will make sure that the product is completely installed before they leave your place.

Starting from the installation process, Core Hardware manufactures Floor Springs, Glass Connectors, and Door Closers that help in the movement of glass doors in any environment. For a shower setting, they manufacture Shower Hinges of the best quality with the perfect finish. If you’re searching for a bold and modern setting for your glass doors, Core Hardware has something even more interesting in the store for you.

The latest Sliding Door System can be installed in the Shower or as a separator between two rooms. Core Hardware will take care of the entire manufacturing and installation process for you. The advanced Sliding Door System is for people who appreciate a creatively modern glass architecture for their house. Contact us to know better about the offered glass door fitting services.