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Whether it is a domestic establishment or a commercial setting, no room is complete without the use of architectural hardware. The doors are nothing but a piece of glass or wood unless they are attached to the hinge with a Door Closer. Similarly, a Door Handle is a frame that not only allows you to open the door but creates a statement with its aesthetics. Core Hardware is one of the leading providers of architectural hardware products that stand out in the market for its quality and durability.

What makes us different?

Just as our name projects, Core Hardware is an organization that deals with the core of the hardware, right from its research process. We have dedicated plants and manufacturing units that create every product that reaches your house, right from scratch. With our domain experience of 15 years, our team knows exactly the right kind of materials that ensure longevity and quality. During the research and development phase, our experts test every combination of the idea before sending it for manufacturing.

After the completion of the manufacturing process, the products are further moved for finishing. The products reaching this phase are polished to perfection and checked for their finishing. This is not it. The finished products are then tested for 8 hours in the unit before sending it to the customers. Only the products clearing this phase, reach your home.


Right from the delivery to the installation of the products, Core Hardware sends trained technicians to ensure that the product reaches its destination. Let’s consider a bathroom. You have a glass door but no support hinges or handles to make it functional. At this time, you can either order a Combo Hydraulic Patch Set for Floor Spring or buy the individual pivot, patch, and lock to install it.

Door Closer, Patch Fitting, Glass Connector, Crystal Door Handles, Door Handles, Shower Hinges, Plastic Profiles, Shower Head Accessories, Spider fittings, Locks without Cutout, Sliding Door System, and Canopy Fitting. All you need to do is name the service and Core Hardware will furnish you with every Glass Architectural Hardware requirement.